• We are reinventing the way we Learn


    Learn on the go, with your tribe, by solving practical problems!

  • A new Collaborative Learning Experience

    Augmented Tribe brings you the Knowledge, the Workflow and the Experts you need to learn on the go whilst solving practical problems.


    And artificial intelligence helps us personalise your learning!


    The biggest challenge of our time: changing the way we learn to adapt to a fast-paced Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world. Most organisations urgently need to up-skill their people, their teams and the organisation as a whole to continuously keep up with this change.


    Learning needs to move from one size fits all to a highly personalised experience, bringing learning in the flow of work, at the right time, right place to solve the right problem.


    Existing solutions have proved their limits to address this.


    So we created Augmented Tribe.


  • How does it work in practice?

    "Learn by doing" with your Tribe - learn on the go, with your team whilst getting things done!

    Learning powered by Humans & augmented by Artificial Intelligence

    Micro Learning

    Bite sized knowledge on the go

    Access world class knowledge on demand. This includes curated content from the Program Providers coupled with a personalized learning feed to fuel their curiosity and continuous learning!

    Project Based

    Learning by doing

    Bring in a real project, problem, opportunity you are working on to "learn by doing". It is not anymore about what you know but how do you apply available knowledge to solve practical problems.

    Team Learning

    Smart-feed for intuitive collaboration

    Sharing, communicating, collaborating made easy via a simple smart feed that brings together the whole Tribe. Turn Learning into a daily conversation.

    Expand your Tribe

    Fit-for-purpose expertise when you need

    Access the right expert to help you go deeper and solve practical problems. We bring the right expert at the right time supported by the right tool. Insights and learning on demand.

  • Augmented Tribe

    New AI powered Learning experience at the tap of a button, download the app now

  • Want to augment your Tribe? We can help...

    "A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea." Seth Godin

    Learning & Development

    Deliver more value as part of your L&D programs


    Contact us to explore how Augmented Tribe can help you deliver a new learning experience to your people and teams who are begging for solutions that can fit in their busy schedule ("learning on the go").


    Executive Education

    Your customers are asking for more project based and experiential programs?


    Leverage on Augmented Tribe to deliver this new learning experience delivering more impact. Simply leverage on the Knowledge you are sitting on and the Tribe of faculty, experts and mentors you already have. We help you create more value out of assets you already have!


    Innovation Capabilities

    You already operate in that manner but have not found the right technology to power your programs?


    We power Startup Accelerator Programs, Corporate Innovation Programs, Open Innovation, Co-working spaces, and the likes by bringing knowledge, workflow and experts to distributed teams who need to accelerate time to value launching new products, services and ventures!




    Schools & Universities

    Finally a platform to support the Project Based Learning component of your Programs!


    As Project Based learning is becoming an increasingly important part of your students learning experience, you need the technology to support this. Especially with projects involving other external stakeholders such as NGOs, volunteer work, etc.